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Featured Article - Kitchen Worktops - Quartz or Granite?

Choosing the Right Quartz or Granite Worktops

If you are considering a new kitchen, or even if you just want to renew the work surfaces there are many different materials from which to choose. Several factors have to be taken into consideration, so this is not something which should be undertaken lightly.

You first need to consider what type of cook you are. For example, are you a “foodie” or do you use your kitchen largely for unwrapping and plating up takeaways. Are you a messy cook who drops food on the work surfaces and may spill wine, lemon juice or coffee all over the place? Or are you the type of cook who can produce a cordon bleu meal in half an hour and still leave the work surfaces looking as though nothing ever happened?

Do you use the worktops for rolling out dough, pastry and so on?

What do you use your kitchen for? Is it just for cooking, or do you eat in the kitchen as well? Or, as some people do, are you more or less living in your kitchen?

All these things need to be considered before you decide on your worktops. If you use your kitchen minimally, then you may want to think about cheap materials like laminates.

However, if you are a keen cook and you take a pride in the style and comfort of your kitchen then like many people you will take a look at quartz and granite worktops.

Both quartz and granite are stone materials, but granite is natural while quartz is man-made in the sense that it consists of a myriad of little particles of stone held together by a binder.

You need to consider durability. Many people go for granite as it is said to have a more shiny surface, but it does have some disadvantages in that it is possible to suffer some staining. For example, anything acidic such as lemon juice and vinegar may cause staining if left too long. Red wine, beetroot juice, butter and oil can also attack it. However, the emphasis is on the words “left too long”. If you spill something on granite and wipe it off rather than leaving it overnight then there will be no problem. Quartz, on the other hand, is very resistant to staining.

Both granite and quartz worktops are great materials for rolling out pastry and dough. Granite, being a natural stone, is said to be superior in this respect.

You should note that it is possible to damage both quartz and granite worktops if they are struck with a heavy object. If a heavy cast iron pan is dropped from a height, or if they are hit with a hammer for instance. But again using reasonable care and common sense you should have no problem. Indeed one of the benefits of quartz and granite worktops is that, once installed, they will last for many years – even a lifetime.

One of the major benefits of both materials is the classic and elegant look they provide in your kitchen. Granite is thought by many people to have a deeper shine compared with quartz which may have a more matt-looking finish. This is purely a matter of personal preference.

What is certain is that whether you opt for granite or quartz worktops you will have a kitchen of which you can be proud.

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